A new study confirms the benefits of aerosolized sealants
May 9, 2023

When it comes to the excitement that surrounds a new home, most people may think of the striking architecture, the inviting interior design, the attractive landscaping, or the thoughtful amenity programming. Air leakage and sealants rarely make the list. But while it may not seem like a hot topic, the benefits of an airtight building envelope have an enormous impact on quality of life.

That’s why, at Collecdev, driven by our pillars of Environmental Stewardship and Experiential Design, we’ve been paying particular attention to innovations in building sealing techniques, working with leading energy consulting firm NERVA Energy to incorporate advanced construction technologies into communities like Tippett Park Two. The building, which utilizes NERVA’s exclusive AeroBarrier technology to seal gaps as big as ½” in diameter, and as small as a hair follicle, was recently the site of an important study on aerosolized sealants done by the University of Toronto, and the results confirm that this innovative construction technology has a big impact for our residents, and the community at large.

“On behalf of Collecdev, Shiplake Properties, and our partners, it was an honour to collaborate with the University of Toronto and contribute to this exciting research. The Tippett Park Two community in Wilson Heights is the first multi-residential high-rise project in Canada to implement this technology, and we’re confident it will help set a new industry standard.”  - Fernando Valenzuela, Collecdev Vice-President of Development

The field study, conducted by the Department of Civil and Mineral Engineering and the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, and published in the Journal of Building Engineering, was the first study of aerosolized sealants to include a control group, directly comparing two sets of suites with identical floor plans: one group using aerosolized sealant and the other using a conventional air sealing approach.

The results showed that aerosolized sealant reduced air leakage by 27%, on average, compared to conventional air sealing techniques. In addition:

  • Aerosolized sealants do not rely on manual identification of leakage paths, making them more efficient at closing gaps.
  • Aerosolized sealants streamline the construction process, shifting the bulk of the responsibility for air sealing to a single trade.
  • Aerosolized sealant techniques measure whole suite air leakage rates throughout installation, providing additional quality assurance.
  • Aerosolized sealant techniques provide more flexibility in timing during the construction process.

Why is this important? Because advanced building technologies like the aerosolized sealants used at Tippett Park Two contribute to high-performance communities, communities with lower utility bills, increased energy efficiency, better indoor air quality, improved soundproofing, reduced transfer of odours, better HVAC performance, and protection against insects and pests. And high-performance communities promote better living and a healthier planet, something that’s always top of mind for us at Collecdev.

As multi-unit residential buildings continue to drive urban development, it’s essential to find better and more efficient ways to share space while maintaining, and even enhancing, the privacy and wellbeing of our residents. At Collecdev, we’re constantly seeking out and advancing new innovations and ideas to create balanced communities. This study from UofT shows that our forward-thinking approach has us firmly on the path to creating healthier environments and the ultimate living experience.

Find more information on Tippett Park Two, a community in partnership with Shiplake, here, or visit our Communities page to see Collecdev’s entire lineup of innovative communities. Read the full UofT report here. And for more information on NERVA, the exclusive representative for AeroBarrier in Canada, visit nervaenergy.com.