A sustainable lifestyle at Nørdic
September 16, 2019

The Swedes have a philosophy known as “friluftsliv.” It’s a lifestyle based on a connection with the outdoors, and it informs much of the country’s environmental policy, policy that has helped Sweden maintain a position as the world’s most sustainable country for more than half a decade. Swedish cities have taken giant steps to reduce the country’s greenhouse gas emissions and Swedish researchers are developing technology to obtain 100% of their energy from renewable and recycled sources. The country is proof that big ambitions can lead to big change, and we’ve set our sights equally high at Nørdic.

Environmental stewardship is one of three key pillars at Collecdev (for more on the other two, visit our site). As developers, we have an inherent responsibility to minimize any adverse impact our communities have on the natural environment. That’s why, at Nørdic, we’ve chosen forward-thinking sustainable technologies like an innovative geothermal heating and cooling system that uses about 40% less energy than a traditional HVAC system, and produces 70% less greenhouse gas, saving over 5 million litres of water every year (not to mention offering residents predictable monthly maintenance fees).

What else is in store? Take a look:

  • Low-profile green roofs that help reduce the heat island effect and improve air quality
  • Circadian rhythm lighting to reduce energy usage
  • Smart thermostats with real-time suite energy dashboards
  • High performance thermal envelope to minimize unwanted solar gain and heat loss
  • 500+ bicycle parking spaces
  • Electric car charging stations
  • Energy Star® appliances and low VOC paints

The result is a smart investment for the planet and for residents says Nørdic’s geothermal system. “Residents can feel confident knowing they’ve invested in technology that aligns with what the buildings of the future will look like and what buyers will demand. They also have the added benefit of predictable monthly costs, confidence in a system with an infinite life span, a tangible increase in property value, and the comfort of knowing they’re leaving a reduced carbon footprint on the world.”

Take a closer look at Nørdic and discover a community where sustainability and good living go hand in hand. A healthy urban landscape, a beautiful new home, a better tomorrow.

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