An innovative approach to selling real estate
June 19, 2020

Innovation. At Collecdev, it’s always top of mind. We are constantly seeking out the latest technologies to keep our communities engaging, sustainable, and future-proofed. We make it our business to stay informed, do extensive research, and then incorporate the systems that help us respond to shifting market demands, a strategy that recently led us to pursue an innovative new approach to sales.

The COVID-19 crisis has had a massive impact on the way we live. New terms like “social distancing” have entered the vernacular, influencing where we go, who we see, and how we interact. Businesses have had to adapt, including the real estate industry, but thanks to our forward-thinking approach and our early adoption of a series of digital solutions we were already well positioned to respond. The platforms used by our team pre-COVID have taken on even greater importance in recent months, making the sales experience more convenient and accessible than ever before.

Today customers may not be able to make it into a sales centre in person, but with Blackline 2.0 they can still enjoy the full sales experience from a safe social distance. The innovative point of sale platform provides access to full-feature digital sales presentations from a smartphone, tablet, laptop - anywhere with an internet connection. Customers can view 3D architectural models, brochures, and virtual tours, they can compare floorplans, select their desired unit, and even close the sale with the help of their agent and Avesdo, interactive software that not only lets you purchase a new condo from the comfort of your living room, but delivers the added benefit of automating time-consuming tasks like signing every page of the Agreement of Purchase and Sale.

For some, the real fun begins after signing on the dotted line, when it’s time to select the design and décor for their new home. For that, there’s The Interactive Abode, an interactive décor program that we recently engaged for TRETTI and Westwood Gardens. Using the software, buyers can decorate their new home via an intuitive, user-friendly interface that renders digitally selected finishes in real time, on screen. Even before province-wide protocols limited in-person appointments, our interactive décor studio was a hit with purchasers who enjoyed the freedom to select finishes and customize their space at their own pace.

“That’s the key element,” says Collecdev’s VP of Sales and Marketing, Natascha Pieper, “the true benefit of these innovative sales tools is not the ability to maintain social distancing in the current pandemic, but the convenience of a sales process that fits into your schedule, letting you research, plan, purchase, and design on your terms. It’s just another example of our forward-thinking approach to development – designing systems, spaces, and communities that put the buyer at the centre of everything we do.”