Bring a stylish Scandinavian colour palette into your home
January 2, 2020

Known for its clean lines and muted colour palette, Scandinavian design is a timeless aesthetic that can make your home feel fresh, modern and airy. Inspired by the cozy homes of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland, this minimalist approach to interior design is focused on creating beautiful, functional spaces that reflect the natural environment.

Give a nod to the Nørdic lifestyle and bring a Scandinavian colour palette into your home in 2020 by following these four simple design guidelines.

Embrace Nørdic Neutrals
White serves as the backdrop of all Scandinavian design and is the ideal base from which to build your overall home aesthetic. Scandinavians favour soft tones and neutrals like white, beige, grey and cream – think subdued colours that inspire calm and tranquility. Achieve a clean, curated look in your home by sticking to a monochromatic colour scheme throughout the space and layering neutral colours in varying shades. If you want to inject subtle pops of colour, stick to muted natural tones and pastels; colours should feel washed out and lived-in rather than bright and saturated. Banish hot pink and vibrant teal from your colour scheme in favour of dusty rose, mint green, icy blue, and soft grey.

Keep Statement Pieces Subtle
While fun accent pieces can inject some personality into your home, you want to take a ‘less is more’ approach when recreating that stylishly stark Nørdic aesthetic. Scandinavian style is all about openness and minimalism, so try to avoid cluttering up the room with too many colourful knickknacks. Any decorative artwork or accent pieces you want to display should work to complement – rather than compete with – your neutral colour palette. If you want to introduce a patterned element like a unique wallpaper or rug, avoid anything that’s too busy and baroque. Instead, lean towards simple prints with clean lines like geometric patterns in muted colour tones or classic black and white stripes.

Stick to Light Woods and Modern Metallics
When it comes to wooden furniture, fine craftsmanship is a key element in Scandinavian design, so it’s important to invest in high-quality pieces that will stand the test of time. Keep the wood tones in your home light and natural to bring warmth to the space. Scandinavian style favours blonde timber, white-washed birch, pine, fir and elm. For some added shine, invest in brass and copper light fixtures and kitchen accessories for a contemporary finish.

Be Inspired by Nature
Scandinavian design is greatly inspired by the outdoors, which means the colour palette for your home should draw upon naturally occurring tones you might find at the beach or in the forest. Try to incorporate environmental colours, textures and design accessories into your space to create a sense of ‘Hygge’ – a Danish and Norwegian term that conveys a sense of coziness and comfort. Fabric furnishings should be made with soft and organic fibres like wool, linen and cotton, and can be dressed up with natural-inspired accessories like a mossy green throw pillow or a soft sheepskin rug. Feel closer to nature by bringing the outdoors in with driftwood accent pieces and green houseplants potted with natural stones in simple white ceramic pots.

Remember, keeping things simple can make a bold statement. To achieve a sleek Scandinavian-inspired colour palette in your home, start with clean monochromatic neutral tones and then incorporate warm woods, natural shades and textures, and muted pastel hues to create a sleek, comfortable space that’s uniquely yours.