Carmen Dragomir sees the big picture when it comes to building intimate spaces
November 1, 2019

Carmen Dragomir sees the big picture when it comes to building intimate spaces. “Design has a certain way of shaping our lives, our sensibility, our behaviour, even our emotions,” says the designer, “Every day I have the opportunity to design spaces that touch other people’s lives.” At Nørdic she’s doing exactly that, creating fresh, smart, inspiring spaces that flow from the front door to your home, and everywhere in between.

Q: How did you interpret the Scandinavian aesthetic for a Toronto audience?
Toronto homebuyers are knowledgeable and savvy about the homebuying process. They understand and appreciate different design styles, thanks to the city’s eclectic multicultural mix. In interiors, Scandinavian design conjures the idea of effortlessness, minimalist colour palettes, organic textures, and restrained furniture placement, leaving room for people to move around within a space and take it in from different angles, at varying stages of daylight. At Nørdic, the sensation of lightness and wellbeing is as much a product of the space in between the elements - the room to move freely - as it is of the built forms themselves.

Q: What was your inspiration for the interiors at Nørdic?
I was inspired by the amazing hotel and residence interiors I saw during a recent trip to Copenhagen where they effortlessly combined objects, furniture, and art into incredibly inviting spaces. They were striking and had an eclectic style and a refined, yet comfortable vibe.

Q: The suite layouts at Nordic are wide and shallow – how does that affect how people experience the space?
Wide units have the advantage of bringing more natural light into the spaces, as well as creating open concept plans, giving residents the ability to personalize furniture configurations and flow based on their own needs and aesthetic preferences.

Q: How do you want people to feel in the spaces you’ve designed at Nørdic?
Everyone should feel at ease in their own home. We try to create spaces where people feel comfortable and serene, homes that you never want to leave. You know the expression, build a life you don’t need an escape from? At Nørdic we’ve provided the perfect backdrop for that soft, relaxed, minimal aesthetic that gives residents vacation vibes, even when they’re at home.