Co-working spaces as a condo amenity? Join the conversation.
November 16, 2018

What does your typical workday look like? Maybe you get up, get dressed, grab a flat white from your local coffee shop and head to the office to start your day. And, if you’re part of the growing co-working crowd, that “office” might be a shared space filled with on-trend design, flexible work stations, and a network of likeminded strangers, ripe for collaboration and camaraderie. Welcome to the new office space.

The Rise Of Co-Working.
The number of coworkers (which was just over half a million people only a few years ago) is expected to rise to 3.8 million by 2020 and 5.1 million by 2022. In cities like London, New York, Hong Kong, Chicago, and yes, Toronto too, co-working startups are competing to snap up prime real estate and open outposts to meet rising demand.

In September, the global co-working leader WeWork became Manhattan's biggest holder of real estate (not to mention the 95 other cities in which they operate). According to a 2017 report by HR consulting firm Randstad, freelancers and remote workers now represent 20% to 30% of the Canadian workforce. And as the gig economy grows, so does the demand for flexible workspace. It’s official, co-working is a fundamental part of the 21st century work scene.

But What Does That Have To Do With Condos?
As co-working spaces become more popular, residential developers are taking notice. Co-working has evolved into co-living, fuelling productivity and wanderlust as far away as Bali, Buenos Aires, and Barcelona. But co-working is also available even closer to home.

Today, forward-thinking developers are adding co-working spaces as condo amenities, directly in the buildings you call home. And that comes with a heap of benefits like:

  • A quicker commute
  • Better work/life balance
  • More time to spend on things that actually matter
  • A stronger sense of community
  • A chance to meet neighbours, build your network, and find new opportunities to collaborate
  • Beautiful spaces designed around how people work best
  • The ability to work anytime, anywhere and on your own schedule
  • A workspace close to home, but that keeps the office separate from your personal life
  • An affordable co-working space, covered in your monthly maintenance fees

The Collecdev Approach
At Collecdev, you’ll never find us blindly pursuing trends. Instead, we put careful thought and consideration into everything we do, and when we see something that catches our eye, we study it and figure out how it might fit into our buildings to deliver the best value for our residents.

Co-working is on our radar because it fits in with our ethos. When done right, a co-working space becomes a place to make valuable connections, a place where collaboration and the exchange of ideas fuels the community and stimulates growth. Co-working encourages business relationships, friendships, collaboration, and connectivity, enabling individuals to help each other and build a stronger community in the process. It’s everything we stand for. And we’d like to know if it’s something you’d value in a Collecdev home.

Reach out and let us know if co-working makes the list of amenities you might look for in a building. Join the conversation and help us shape the future of residential living in Toronto, creating better spaces for how people live, work, and play. We’d love to hear from you.

Would you like to see co-working spaces as condo amenities? What other shared spaces are you looking for in your next home? Join the conversation on our social channels. Reach out to us on Twitter, Facebook, or via email and let us know what you think. We’d love to hear from you.