Collecdev Inc and Markee Developments Announce Merger
January 8, 2024

A Visionary Merger Transforming the Multifamily Real Estate Development Landscape 

Toronto, December 19, 2023 – Collecdev Inc and Markee Developments are proud to announce the merger of their respective companies. Collecdev, established by the Latner Family in 2016, is an award-winning development and construction company focused on innovatively designed, and sustainable multifamily developments. Markee Developments, founded in 2019 by Jennifer Keesmaat and Jason Marks, has quickly grown with a significant pipeline of multifamily communities across the GTA and GTHA, designed to deliver better social outcomes. The new company, Collecdev-Markee Developments, expects to break ground on multiple exciting projects in 2024.

The strategic combination creates industry leading expertise in planning, marketing, sales, and construction, that will help transform urban development. Jennifer Keesmaat will assume the role of CEO. Previously, she was the Chief Planner of the City of Toronto before founding Markee. David Strom will assume the role of COO. Previously, he was Executive Vice President of Finance and Development at Shiplake Properties. The new company will be Chaired by Hank Latner, the current Executive Chair of Envoy Holdings Ltd and Shiplake Properties Ltd. Jason Marks will serve as Executive Vice Chairman.

“At Markee, we’re laser focused on building as many high-quality homes in transit-oriented locations as quickly as we can”, said Keesmaat. “This partnership blends Collecdev’s expertise in sustainable and high-quality construction with Markee’s mission. We believe there’s a role to play as city builders mitigating the effects of a changing climate and our projects will contribute positively in pursuit of that goal. As we move into the construction phase of our projects, partnering will help deliver on our vision for home building: creating excellent places to live that are beautiful, sustainable, and affordable.”

“As we embark on this exciting journey with Markee, we see tremendous potential in the synergy between our commitment to innovative and sustainable real estate development and their visionary approach”, said Strom. “This merger is more than a strategic move – it’s an exciting opportunity for growth and collaboration. Together, we aim to build on our success and set new standards of excellence in the industry. Collecdev is energized by the prospects this partnership.”

“This partnership represents our deep commitment to homebuilding," said Jason Marks. "We created Markee to respond to the housing crisis, combining the best of private sector expertise with the key public objective of ensuring access to housing for all. Together, we believe our impact will grow exponentially."

Collecdev and Markee bring a development pipeline of more than 7600 new homes across the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA). The merger facilitates an important stage in the evolution of Markee, as the company moves into the execution phase of its projects, including Tyndale Green, which will deliver over 1,000 new purpose-built rental homes, including hundreds of new affordable homes, a daycare, food market, parks and a new recreation facility in Toronto’s north end.

Collecdev's dedication to excellence in real estate development has been widely recognized with the company amassing several prestigious industry awards and nominations on both national and international platforms.  Collecdev’s recent project Cielo Condos, won the coveted Multi-Family Community of the Year from the NHBA and Project of the Year, Best Overall Marketing Campaign and Best High-Rise Building Design from BILD. Winning these awards is testament to Collecdev’s leadership in innovation and quality that elevates industry standards.

About Collecdev:

Collecdev is a visionary company in multifamily real estate development, driven by an unwavering commitment to building better communities. The company focuses on an integrated approach, leading the industry in sustainable building practices and upholding uncompromising standards of quality. Through collaboration with top professionals across disciplines, Collecdev cultivates innovative ideas, shaping a collective vision that transcends conventional boundaries. With a focus on environmental stewardship, social sustainability and experiential design, the firm is dedicated to crafting balanced and complete communities that authentically resonate with residents. Guided by the mission "A collective of people and ideas dedicated to building better communities," Collecdev has earned recognition as an award-winning entity.

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About Markee:

Markee Developments was founded in 2019 by Jennifer Keesmaat, former Chief Planner of the City of Toronto, and Jason Marks, former CEO of Shiplake Developments, leveraging their 50 years of combined experience in the private sector. Throughout the decades that Jennifer and Jason have collectively spent in real estate, planning, finance, and development, they developed an intimate appreciation for the scale of the housing affordability crisis and resolved to leverage their expertise and experience to address the crisis head-on. They are a complementary team, bringing together Jennifer’s extensive public and private sector experience in the planning, design, and delivery of many of the most significant developments in the country with Jason’s skill and expertise in finance, economics, and real estate project management. Together, they have approved and built millions of square feet of housing and mixed-use facilities, and are now bringing that experience to bear on the creation and execution of a bold new approach to delivering housing affordability. Markee currently has over 4,000 homes under development in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA).

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