Collecdev is one of Canada’s Top Growing Companies
October 22, 2021

We’re thrilled to announce that Collecdev has made the list as one of the Globe & Mail’s Top Growing Companies in 2021, landing among the “448 most daring businesses in the country,” the trendsetters and innovators who have managed to grow in these unprecedented times.

With 3-year revenue growth topping 1,700%, Collecdev came in at #35, rising to the top of an impressive pool of for-profit, Canadian-run and headquartered, independent businesses. It’s an amazing honour and proof that our mission – to build complete and sustainable communities, inclusive and accessible places that give people a sense of belonging – is resonating in the competitive Toronto real estate market.

For years, studies have shown that companies that practice Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) with the aim of having a positive long-term impact on people, planet and business performance, generally also see positive returns. At Collecdev, we’ve always believed that, so we built a collective conscientiousness for social and environmental dynamics directly into our DNA, in the three defining pillars of our business model.

Social Sustainability
Building communities that anticipate the future while balancing today’s needs is the cornerstone of Social Sustainability. It entails a constantly evolving outlook on spaces that integrate diverse programmatic elements, provoking new ideas for healthy, balanced environments designed to enrich society as a whole. Collecdev communities include services and facilities that create a thriving sense of place, and housing initiatives that ensure good living is accessible to all.

Experiential Design
Understanding the wants and needs of our homeowners is essential to creating the ultimate living experience. We apply a diligent approach and give careful consideration to both the existing contexts in which we build, and to the intimate living spaces in the communities we create. Striking a balance between form and function is our ultimate goal. The result is a human-centred, multi-layered design that welcomes families home.

Environmental Stewardship
At Collecdev we acknowledge an inherent responsibility over the impact of our communities on the natural and built environment. The unprecedented rate of urbanization demands a forward-thinking approach to build long lasting balanced urban landscapes. Through the implementation of advanced building technologies and alternative energy sources, we reduce the carbon footprint of our communities and ensure a cleaner, brighter future.

This win reinforces our commitment and our drive to creating stronger communities. Thank you to the Globe & Mail, but most importantly, thank you to our partners who believe in us, our peers who look to us for leadership, and to our homeowners, who recognize that Collecdev communities are the perfect backdrop for stronger connection, healthier living and greater wellbeing for all.

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