Collecdev purchasers can personalize suites by selecting finishes and upgrades online!
April 28, 2021

These days many of us spend hours on social media, pinning, liking, sharing and saving post after post of Instagram-worthy interiors featuring, neutral palettes, active stone countertops, attractive blonde flooring and a variety of beautiful millwork kitchen cabinetry options. For residents at Nørdic, all that double-tapping is about to come to life. Later this Spring, décor selections will begin, and the savvy purchasers who have chosen Nørdic Condos as their new home will get the chance to design their dream space in just a few clicks.

Selecting finishes has always been one of the most exciting parts of the home buying process, but in the past, it’s generally involved an in-person trek to a design studio where you were tasked with choosing the entire palette for your new home in just a few hours. Always at the forefront of innovation and human-centred design, Collecdev asked, is there a better way to engineer this experience? We found the answer in The Interactive Abode.

The Interactive Abode is a Toronto-based, Canadian-built, online design tool. From its roots as a simple mix-and-match system, to the robust, intuitive, and fully operational online studio it is today, TIA has emerged as the top design software in North America. Here’s how it works:

  1. Nørdic residents receive an email, inviting them to begin their décor selections online.
  2. They log in to their account from a Mac/PC or tablet, anywhere with an internet connection, and virtually decorate their unit, mixing and matching flooring, cabinets, and countertops until they’ve got the perfect look.
  3. Once selections are complete, they can save their designs, and virtually sign on the dotted line, OR they can book an in-person appointment at the Nørdic Décor Studio to check out their selections in real life.

“It’s the best of all worlds,” says Natascha Pieper, Collecdev’s VP of Sales and Marketing. “Every purchaser is unique, and TIA’s software, not only helps them create a home that reflects their particular lifestyle and personality, but it also offers a more convenient way to access décor selections. Our homeowners can design their suites on their own schedule, whenever and wherever is most convenient for them.”

In addition to the realistic images rendered via The Interactive Abode, Nørdic purchasers can see their vision brought to life in the spectacular Nørdic Décor Studio where they can view samples of colours and materials, as well as stunning kitchen and bathroom vignettes. Like the rest of the community, the finishes at Nørdic are Scandinavian-inspired, an expert mix of minimalist colour palettes and organic textures that create a refined, relaxed vibe. The captivating array of options have been meticulously curated by the team at Esqape Design to promote a sense of lightness and wellbeing. It’s Pinterest-inspiration brought to life, and an entirely new way to put the finishing touches on a new home.