Collecdev VP, Fernando Valenzuela, presenting the future of the industry at The Buildings Show
November 14, 2022

For 34 years, The Buildings Show has been one of the most anticipated building events of the year, the place where industry insiders connect over expert led-seminars, informative panels and thought-provoking roundtables. And this year, the show will feature a special guest - Collecdev's Vice-President of Development, Fernando Valenzuela.

On November 30th, Fernando, in collaboration with Nerva and MCW Consultants, will present The Importance and Benefits of Airtight Building Envelopes, a forward-thinking approach to construction that we've already incorporated into Collecdev communities, with great benefit to homeowners and to the environment.

The Benefits of an Airtight Envelope

For most of us, "airtightness" is not a term that comes up often when discussing the merits of a building, but for industry experts, air infiltration (i.e. the unintentional introduction of outside air into a building, typically through gaps in the building envelope and through the use of doors for entry and exit) is actually a huge factor in energy efficiency, accounting for up to 30% or more of a building’s heating and cooling costs, and leading to problems with moisture, noise, dust, pollutants, insects, and rodents. Leaky buildings have a negative impact on sustainability, comfort and wellbeing. Improving the construction of the building envelope, not only leads to healthier communities and a smaller environmental footprint, but is also essential for meeting the mandatory energy targets outlined in TEDI (Thermal Energy Demand Intensity), the standard set by the City of Toronto.

Those are just some of the concerns that come under Fernando’s purview in his role as VP, Development and the presentation will address these issues, as well as methods to achieve airtightness, and an overview of Canada’s first airtight multi-residential building, a pilot project by Collecdev in Wilson Heights with the goal of achieving a ground-breaking 60%+ reduction in total air leakage.

Innovative Collaborations

Leading the charge in airtight construction - and a co-presenter of the November 30th session - is Nerva Energy, an energy consulting firm that shares Collecdev's vision to leverage advanced building technologies to create high-performance communities that promote a healthier planet. The presentation isn’t the first time Collecdev will collaborate with the award-winning firm - we were also the first major developer in Canada to roll out Nerva's Suite Seal technology in a multi-unit residential building as part of our Tippett community in Wilson Heights, a first in the country.

Suite Seal not only significantly lowers energy consumption for a building, resulting in operational savings, environmental benefits, and optimized HVAC function, but also improves air quality and reduces the spread of airborne disease. The advanced technology delivers a tighter building envelope thanks to an acrylic sealant called Aero Barrier that can seal gaps as big as ½” in diameter, and as small as a hair follicle, resulting in big benefits like:

  • A 98% reduction in air leakage
  • Lower utility bills (up to 30%)
  • Better indoor air quality
  • Reduced transfer of odours
  • Better performance for HVAC systems
  • Improved soundproofing
  • Protection against insects and pests

The panel will be rounded out by MCW Consulting, a group of industry-leading engineering companies providing expertise in engineering consulting, energy management and engineering-inspired development services, all with the goal of leveraging both new and proven technologies to provide today’s buildings with mechanical and electrical solutions that make them not only enjoyable to inhabit, but that deliver tangible social and economic benefits to the people who interact with these spaces every day.

"I am immensely proud to be a part of the team leading this session, along with Nerva and MCW," says Fernando. "Both companies share the Collecdev vision of building long-lasting, future-forward, balanced and complete urban communities that minimize our impact on the planet and, through these discussions, we have the chance to share the forward-thinking technologies that will directly impact the future of the built environment, creating value not only for our homeowners, but for the industry, the community and the planet.”

With over 20 years of global experience developing large multi-residential and commercial/retail properties, and a passion for building communities that leave a fainter footprint on the environment, Fernando is uniquely equipped for the role of Vice President of Development at Collecdev. Backed by a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, a master’s degree in finance, Project Manager certification by the Project Management Institute, and a LEED® Green Associate credential through the Green Building Certification Institute, he is proof that performance and sustainability are not mutually exclusive, but together, can lay the foundation for future-proofed communities that benefit everyone.

The Importance and Benefits of Airtight Building Envelopes will be held Wednesday, November 30th, 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM as part of The Buildings Show. Visit the TBS site for more detail.