Collecdev wins 2021 Green Building Culture Award by TCA
February 23, 2022

At Collecdev, we're all about the long-term value of a community, and that value (both social and economic) increases exponentially when we put green building systems into practice. From our building sites to our own corporate head office, from high in the sky to deep underground, we strive to implement the systems and technologies that ensure a brighter future and a better tomorrow.

We take great pride in creating communities that stand out from the rest, and it’s even more special when others acknowledge you for doing so.

As a company we are honoured to share our latest recognition with the 2021 Best of the Best Award Winner in the category of Green Building Culture Award from the Toronto Construction Association. The Green Building Award is presented annually to the TCA member firm that best demonstrates a corporate green building "culture" in terms of how they conduct their day-to-day business. The recipient will be an industry leader whose actions inspire environmental sensitivity and encourage a green building culture.

With Environmental Stewardship as one of our three key company pillars (alongside Social Sustainability and Experiential Design), we acknowledge an inherent responsibility over the impact of our communities on the natural and built environment and strive to implement a forward-thinking approach that reduces the carbon footprint of our developments and results in long-lasting, balanced urban landscapes. 

Adopting environmentally-friendly protocols.

With every email, every document, every sheet of paper, our team is acutely aware of our environmental footprint, that's why Collecdev uses cloud-based construction management software that allows us to operate virtually paperless.

Demonstrating a commitment to promoting sustainability.

Collecdev buildings are designed and built to conserve more energy and resources than standard code compliant buildings. We are committed to achieving a higher Tier Toronto Green Standards (TGS) certification and engage creative design solutions to ensure high-performance thermal envelopes that minimize unwanted solar gain and heat loss, and sustainable green roofs that contribute to greater water conservation, reduced maintenance, and improved aesthetics.

Implementing proactive waste management programs.

Our waste management program goes above and beyond the Toronto Green Standards (TGS), recycling 80-90% of material/content on our sites during construction and placing recycling bins in every suite to encourage resident recycling.

Using environmentally-friendly products.

Every element that goes into a Collecdev community is carefully considered for maximum benefit and minimum impact. We use things like low-VOC paint, LED lights that save money by using less energy, programmable thermostats that drive greater energy conservation, efficient water fixtures and low-flow toilets, Energy Star certified appliances that reduce energy consumption by up to 30%, ERVs to reduce energy demands and enhance air quality, and locally-sourced materials like Canadian flooring products and Ontario stone.

Promoting innovative technologies that optimize results in environmental sustainability.

Collecdev buildings were early adopters of innovative technologies like geothermal energy. The technology is less expensive to operate and maintain, reducing the exposure to unexpected energy fluctuations and equipment repairs which impact condo fees over the life of the building. This means that the building will reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions by over 70% per year compared to a conventional building, saving more than 5 million litres of water per year. Collecdev communities also provide electric car charging stations for residents and incorporate innovative technologies that promote environmental sustainability and bring the planet to the forefront when considering what it truly means to live well.

Collecdev is creating a higher standard of accountability and awareness of environmentally friendly approaches to construction, inspiring environmental sensitivity in all sectors of development, ensuring a greener tomorrow for everyone.