#Collecdevcity – have a say in how you want to live
May 1, 2018

We’re constantly bringing up the “C-word” in the office, challenging ourselves to find the best ways to build, improve, and engage with communities. We’re also big into collaboration, open to the best ideas, wherever they may come from. That’s why, earlier this month we launched #CollecdevCity, an invitation to everyone (including you) to share your thoughts and have a say in how you want to live.

The world is constantly evolving. Home, culture, community all have a different meaning today than they did 50 years ago - or than they will 50 years from now. That evolution is the result of interaction, the decisions we make, the businesses we support, the governments we vote in, and yes, the ideas we share.

Our work is city building (something we view as both a responsibility and a privilege), but the things we build don’t stand alone. They’re designed to respond to changing priorities and shifting market demands. To help improve the experience of life, without destroying the quality of the environment. To make things more accessible, to people of every background. They’re designed to help you live the best life, on your terms.

So have your say in the future of the city. Join the conversation on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram using the hashtag #CollecdevCity and share your thoughts on community, arts and culture, architecture, innovation, sustainability, and how you want your city to evolve.