Completed | 8868 Yonge Street, Toronto
Collecdev is proud to bring Westwood Gardens to Richmond Hill—and the development industry has responded in kind by awarding us for our ability to communicate our strategies to the community and to achieve architectural design excellence through environmentally sustainable initiatives.

Westwood Gardens

Westwood Gardens
Category Condo Ownership
Address 8868 Yonge Street, Toronto
Architect KIRKOR Architects and Planners
Status Completed
A comprehensive community defined by modern architecture and forward-thinking environmental features, Westwood Gardens brings urban sophistication to the centre of Richmond Hill. Served by an abundant network of cultural amenities and transit connections, the 15-storey development at 8868 Yonge Street in the sought-after Richvale neighbourhood caters to discerning homebuyers seeking a comprehensive and sustainable lifestyle.

Featuring a modern stone-clad building envelope designed by KIRKOR Architects and Planners, Westwood Gardens is crafted to meet the needs of two primary cohorts: homebuyers looking to downsize from their luxury home in the surrounding neighbourhood, and young professionals wanting to live in a central location within the Greater Toronto Area. A variety of units offer practical solutions for both of these groups, including a collection of two-storey ground-oriented townhomes replete with landscaped patios, private entrances, and bespoke interior finishes.

A carefully designed amenities program provides residents with contemporary conveniences, recreational activities, and social opportunities. The east building is themed around active lifestyles, with a sports court, weight room, and a dry sauna among the expansive list of features. A pet washing station, catering kitchen, and sprawling rooftop terraces with barbecues and dining spaces crown the experience. The approach to the west building is more subdued, with a fitness centre, yoga studio, catering kitchen, pet washing station and a media lounge available to residents.

Collecdev’s commitment to green technology and sustainable living is on full display at Westwood Gardens, where a geothermal energy system will be deployed to reduce annual greenhouse gas emissions by over 70 percent compared to a conventional building, also saving more than five million litres of water every year. Installation of the system will also reduce operation and maintenance costs, greatly decreasing events of unexpected energy fluctuations and equipment repairs that traditionally lead to increased condo fees over the life of the building. In contrast to variable natural gas and electricity costs, the geothermal energy system benefits from a fixed thirty-year agreement which guarantees significant stability and predictability in the building’s yearly operational budget.

Landscaped green roofs help reduce the urban heat island effect, while a high wall-to-window ratio maximizes building insulation and energy savings. A tri-sort waste chute, stormwater runoff recycling, energy efficient appliances, automated lighting sensors, and electric vehicle charging stations are green gestures that ultimately prove how development and the environment can thrive together.

Westwood Gardens is built by Collecdev Construction, a development partner embedded in the process every step of the way from preconstruction to completion. Integrated seamlessly into the development and design team, Collecdev Construction brings with it some of the best tradespersons, contractors and suppliers in the industry. We leverage these relationships to fashion a highly skilled infantry that enforces Collecdev’s unrivaled standards of workmanship. By managing the construction process, Collecdev imparts its strict safety, environmental and design metrics to the work site, enhancing project schedules and attaining extraordinary quality of construction.

Using every tool in the Collecdev toolbox, Westwood Gardens marries environmental stewardship, housing diversity and architectural excellence with an urban lifestyle compatible with its surroundings.

Sustainable Features

Sustainable architecture is environmentally conscious, energy-saving, and utilizes responsive and renewable materials and systems. Collecdev realizes that ecological and environmental concerns have expanded beyond the issue of the consumption of non-renewable energy sources.
Sustainability essentially aims for ecological balance.
Geothermal is a premium system that reduces the building’s carbon footprint, lowering greenhouse gas emissions by 70% over traditional systems and saves over 5 million litres of water per year.
Geothermal saves money, reducing annual energy costs for the entire building with lower maintenance and operational costs than a traditional building, and with a 30-year agreement that includes a performance guarantee and predictable costs.
Geothermal is reliable as the technology works through every season. Pumps can simultaneously cool one part of the building white heating another, giving residents full control over their own space.
Geothermal System reducing carbon emissions by 70% and provides residents with predictable utility costs
Offers exceptional energy efficiencies, contributing to a sustainable heating and cooling expense providing residents with predictable monthly utility costs.
Occupancy rates are protected as building operators recognize the value of green buildings and the direct impact on tenant quality, retention and return on investment, ultimately driving up property value.
Collecdev buildings are designed and built to conserve more energy and resources than standard code compliant buildings
Sustainable green roof areas that will help reduce the heat island effect and help to manage storm water retention on site
High performance thermal envelope minimizes unwanted solar gain and heat loss
Pre-cast stone exterior used in place of all plate glass to better insulate building leading to less extreme temperature swings, meaning that less energy is used to heat and cool the building and suites
Bird friendly glazing reduces danger to migratory birds
Exterior lighting directed downwards to reduce urban light pollution
Motion sensor-controlled lighting in common areas to reduce electricity costs
LED (Light-Emitting Diode) lights save money by using less energy and lasting far longer than compact fluorescent lighting and halogen bulbs.
Tri-sorter disposal and recycling system diverts landfill waste
Electric car charging stations
Relative to a MNECB (Model National Energy Code for Buildings) compliant reference building, Westwood achieves a 35% energy savings
Achieve a 50% reduction in potable water usage for irrigation by collecting and storing runoff
Municipality heat reduction techniques used on site’s hardscape to reduce heat island effect
Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV’s) in each suite to reduce energy demands and enhance air quality
Programmable thermostat to drive greater energy conservation
Efficient water fixtures and low-flow toilets
All appliances have Energy Star® certification, reducing energy consumption by 30%
Suites are painted with low volatile organic compound paints to minimize off-gassing, to ensure home has good air quality
Recycling bins placed in all suites
Water efficient plant material provided for more than 50% of landscaped site area
Rainwater is collected from roof and stored in a cistern for future use by the irrigation system watering plants with harvested rainwater instead of drinking water


From this coveted address, everything will be accessible and anything will be possible. Small town sensibility. Big city amenities. The best of all worlds, keeping you well connected, and eternally Yonge at heart.