Excavation begins for Collecdev’s Nørdic Condos
February 23, 2021

The early stages of construction are moving along at an impressive pace at the site of Collecdev's newest contribution to the emerging pocket of density surrounding Wilson subway station in Toronto. The wheels have been in motion for the Nordic Condos project since this past summer, when demolition began to prep the site of the complex's first phase, a 12-storey building designed by gh3. Roughly six months later, a large pit is forming as excavation advances for the project.

Demolition work continued into January, when the first heavy equipment arrived to begin actual construction activity. Drilling rigs were the first equipment to arrive, starting work on the site's shoring system that prepped the site for the now-ongoing excavation. Moving from east to west, crews are digging to a depth of 9.9 metres to create space for the building's foundations and underground garage. Pile and lagging shoring walls have been built around most edges of the pit, but the more water-resistant concrete caisson wall system is being used where groundwater has been found.

As the dig catches up at the site's west end, additional heavy equipment has appeared within the pit, a continuation of the installation process for the site's geothermal energy system. During the early demolition stages, geothermal wells were drilled around the previous buildings' perimeters. With the former building footprints clear, geothermal drilling is now being done towards the site interior. Geothermal heating and cooling are expected to reduce Nordic's carbon emissions by 70% and provide residents with predictable utility costs.

Excavation will be followed by the installation of cranes. Pending permits, the building is expected to begin its rise above street level later this year. Upon completion, Nordic will rise to a height of just over 41 metres, bringing 429 condominium and rental replacement units to the site.

Source: UrbanToronto