Here’s what our team has to say about our new office
October 31, 2022

By now you may have heard that we’ve officially moved into our new space at 365 Bloor Street East, a 14,000 square foot state-of-the-art head office full of welcoming, neuro diverse spaces; industrial-inspired décor; and places to meet, collaborate and innovate, all designed by one of Canada’s leading interior design studios, Figure3. Just like with our communities, the ultimate testament to the space comes from the people who inhabit it, so we went straight to the source. Here’s what our team had to say.

Neil Rodgers, President

“Besides a fantastic location on Bloor Street, I’m really impressed by the design aesthetic of our new office space. The open-concept layout makes it easy to see colleagues and engage with the team, and we have a great kitchen where I make my breakfast every morning. We wanted a space that respected our key pillars and Figure3 really nailed our vision.”

Katrina Pieper, Director, Sales and Marketing

“From the large screens in the boardroom that let us put on full multi-media presentations, to the workspaces that are equipped with the latest hardware, software and technology features, the new office feels like a leap into the future. Things like convenient charging stations are a small detail, but one that signifies an environment that feels truly designed for today’s modern workplace.”

Simona Nyagolova, Sales and Marketing Coordinator

“My favourite part of the new office is the greenery, there are so many plants everywhere! Also, the fully-functioning kitchen feels like a home away from home during the day.”

Anna Sorokin, Development Manager

“The new office is such a beautiful and calming space with lots of natural light. I love all the meeting rooms, especially the innovation room, and of course, the kitchen – the spacious design allows everyone to get together to touch base in a more informal setting.”

Rooie Ash, Manager, Preconstruction

“The overall design of the new office is amazing. There are great amenities and beautiful views. In our previous office the construction team was on a separate floor and here I really like seeing the team sharing one collective space, it feels more collaborative.”

Ysobel Ardiente, Design Manager

“I love the open-concept layout, it’s very conducive for collaboration. There are places to meet in small or large groups and multiple places to work like our touchdown zones, the innovation room with soft seating, or the more formal boardroom design. There’s also lots of natural light which helps boost my mood and keep me feeling productive.”

Stephanie Bowen, Administrative Assistant

“I bet everyone’s saying this, but the kitchen is the best spot in the office. It’s a great meeting place when you need a break, plus the Nespresso machine makes an amazing coffee. Actually, the whole office is pretty spectacular – the design really brings everyone together to inspire creativity and collaboration.”

Rhea Boysie, Administrative Assistant

“I love the windows in our new office, they make the whole space feel bright and airy and they let in a lot of natural light which I’ve noticed brings more energy to the team. But my favourite room is the new kitchen, it’s where everyone gathers and it’s a great spot for impromptu meetings and spontaneous ideas.”

Our new HQ is located at 365 Bloor Street East.