Here’s What To Expect For Move-In Day At Nørdic
April 4, 2024

The day you’ve been waiting for is nearly here. Nørdic move-ins officially begin on April 8th and will continue until the end of the year. Soon, you’ll be settling into your new, human-centric community in the heart of Wilson Heights, as the extraordinary, Scandinavian-inspired lifestyle continues to take shape with each new construction milestone. While you’ve been busy thinking about PDIs and paperwork, you may not have given much thought to the actual move-in, but we’ve got you covered. Here is all the information you need to be ready to enter your new home.

Is my occupancy date the day I move in?

Like anything new, condo living can feel confusing at first, but with a bit of basic terminology, everything will soon become clear. Let’s start with the difference between your occupancy date and your move-in date.

Your occupancy date is the day you receive your keys, and the day your Tarion warranty begins.

Your move-in date is the day you physically move into your new home.

The reason they’re not the same comes down to logistics - your key handover requires a simple appointment with the Customer Care Team. Move-in day, on the other hand, requires an elevator booking and can take place during the designated time slots:

Monday to Saturday:
9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
11:45 a.m. to 2:15 p.m.
2:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
5:15 p.m. to 7:25 p.m.

Please note, moving is not permitted on Sundays and statutory holidays.

Of course, once you have your keys, the suite is yours, and you can come by to drop off smaller items at your convenience. But for bulkier items and furniture deliveries, we’ll drape the elevator with moving blankets to protect it from damage, and put it in service mode to keep things running smoothly for your move-in. Reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis, so we recommend booking your slot as soon as possible to ensure we’re able to satisfy your request. You’ll be able to book the elevator starting the day after occupancy.

How do I book the elevator?

Nørdic will be managed by Shanta Sapkota from Melbourne Property Management, a Toronto-based firm with over 100 years of combined industry experience. Give Shanta a call at 416.546.2126 x174 and he’ll help you gather all the necessary forms and information to complete your booking. You can also access your forms on the resident portal.

What will I need?

To book the elevator you will need:

  • A completed elevator booking form
  • A $500 security deposit cheque payable to Collecedev (500 Wilson) Inc. care of 500 Wilson LP
  • An enterphone request
  • A parcel/package delivery waiver form
  • Proof of enrollment with PowerStream Energy
  • Proof of insurance
  • A copy of your lease or renewal (if you’re renting your unit)
  • A Persons Requiring Assistance form (if applicable)
  • An agreement to receive notices electronically

Don’t forget that an elevator booking is necessary any time you have a large delivery that requires the use of the loading dock and elevator.

What can I expect on move-in day?

  1. Together, Collecdev Markee and Melbourne Property Management have handled tens of thousands of move-ins, and we’ve developed a list of requirements that will help ensure a smooth and seamless experience getting into your new home.
  2. Upon arrival, check in with the concierge, they’ll be available for any questions throughout the day.
  3. Make sure your moving truck and any other vehicles are in the loading dock area, and not blocking the roadways or any fire routes.
  4. Get moving.
  5. When you’re finished, remember to break down any large boxes and take them to the garbage / recycling room located on P1. You can also ask the moving company to remove all cardboard and boxes from the site.
  6. Sit back and enjoy your new home.

Can’t I just toss all my garbage down the chute?

If you’ve ever tried to suck a smoothie through a Twizzler straw, you already know the answer to this question, but just in case, the answer is no. There are a number of items that don’t go down the garbage chute, either because they’re hazardous, or because they may block the chute, resulting in costly repairs. That includes bulk items, boxes, and move-in containers. Be respectful of your new home and your neighbours and bring your garbage down to the garbage / recycling room located on P1.

What will the building be like when I move in?

From day one, Nørdic will be fully equipped with an amazing customer care team, expert property management, a friendly concierge, and cleaners to keep things neat and tidy throughout move-ins. Of course, some parts of the building (like the exterior, the corridors, and the amenity spaces) will still be under construction. Rest assured that everyone (residents, workers, and trade partners) is working towards the same goal – to complete the community quickly, efficiently, and with the uncompromising standards of quality, you’ve come to expect from Collecdev Markee. If, at any time, you have questions or concerns, contact a member of our Customer Care team, we’re always here to help.

Handy contact info.

Melbourne Property Management

For questions about move-in day, or to book the elevator, please contact Nørdic’s property manager, Shanta Sapkota.

T. 416.546.2126 x174

Customer Care

For any other questions, or to learn more about other extraordinary Collecdev Markee communities, contact a member of our customer care team.

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