Innovation & Collaboration: Collecdev & Nerva deliver healthier communities
June 8, 2022

When Fernando Valenzuela learned about Nerva Energy, he knew it would be a good fit for Collecdev. “At Collecdev we believe we have an inherent responsibility to build long-lasting, future-forward, balanced urban landscapes that minimize our impact on the planet,” said the Vice President of Development. “I knew that collaborating with Nerva could help us reduce our carbon footprint and deliver healthier communities, creating real value not only for our homeowners, but for everyone.”

That value will soon become evident in our Tippett Park community in Wilson Heights, thanks to an innovative construction technology known as Nerva Suite Seal, a system that will not only significantly lower energy consumption for the building, resulting in operational savings, environmental benefits, and optimized HVAC function, but will also reduce the spread of airborne disease and improve air quality, two important benefits, following Covid-19. Nerva will be implemented in a multi-unit residential building at Tippett Park Phase 2, which is scheduled to occupy this summer.

Leaders of Innovation & Sustainability

Collecdev is the first major developer in Canada to roll out Suite Seal in a multi-unit residential building. The advanced technology prevents air transfer between suites, creating air tightness that results in a tighter building envelope. Suite sealing technology can seal gaps as big as ½” in diameter, and as small as a hair follicle.

This small change delivers big benefits:

  • A 98% reduction in air leakage
  • Lower utility bills (up to 30%)
  • Better indoor air quality
  • Reduced transfer of odours
  • Better performance for HVAC systems
  • Improved soundproofing
  • Protection against insects and pests

As a result, residents of our Tippett Park community will enjoy greater comfort, greater savings and greater peace of mind in a future-proofed building that puts tomorrow’s technology to work today.

Natural Synergy  

As an industry leader in Environmental Stewardship, Collecdev’s collaboration with Nerva Energy is a natural fit. The award-winning Canadian energy consulting firm – recently recognized as AEE-International Energy Innovator of the Year – shares our vision to leverage advanced building technologies that go beyond industry standards and create high-performance communities that promote a healthier planet.

Their relentless pursuit of innovation dovetails with our own ethos, one that underpins each of our three pillars - Social Sustainability, Experiential Design and Environmental Stewardship – and that has positioned us as an early adopter of many future-forward technologies including geothermal energy systems, cloud-based management software, 3D laser scanners and drones. With each new tool we move closer to our goal of building communities that go beyond traditional building methodologies to conserve more energy and resources than standard code compliant buildings, and move the industry forward.

“We’re paving the way for the next generation in community-building,” says Valenzuela, “and our Tippett Park is just the start. We will continue to pursue every option available to deliver healthy, human-centred developments that respond to today’s needs, while shaping a brighter tomorrow for future generations.”