Making moves at Nørdic
October 2, 2023

The Wilson Heights neighbourhood continues to grow and evolve, with construction at Nørdic Condos going strong. The sustainably-minded, future-forward community has recently seen several updates, including the completion of the building envelope and 80% of the glazing, gracing the streetscape with the distinctive stepped architecture and crisp, white façade that lends a Scandinavian sensibility to the skyline.

Here’s a look at the latest progress:

  • The concrete formwork is now complete, creating the structure of the 12-storey contemporary building.
  • Envelope panels and glazing are 80% complete.
  • The final crane was removed last month.
  • Permanent power, gas, water, and sanitary connections are complete.
  • Sustainable green roof areas – designed to help reduce the heat island effect and manage on-site storm water retention - are currently being installed and will be completed by Winter 2023.
  • Construction of the new intersection and site landscaping are ongoing, creating a safer, more welcoming, well-connected site.

Each of these elements – indeed every element at Nørdic – supports a sustainable community, thoughtfully designed to conserve energy and promote a healthier planet, something ingrained in our pillar of Environmental Stewardship. From the high-performance thermal envelope that minimizes unwanted solar gain and heat loss, to electric car charging stations, to the innovative geothermal heating and cooling system, Nørdic makes sustainability an integrated part of everyday living.

As Nørdic continues to take shape over the coming months, every step brings us one step closer to a community designed for the collective wellbeing of its residents, the planet, and everyone who interacts with the site.

Stay tuned for more construction updates!

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