Nørdic offers freedom to roam
September 14, 2019

“Allemansrätten.” A long word with infinite possibilities. The Swedish term literally translates to “everyman’s right” but the full meaning is more subtle – it’s about independence, exploration, and the freedom to roam. It isn’t limited to Sweden; allemansrätten is a commonly held philosophy (in many cases law) in Scotland, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Austria, and Switzerland. And it’s exactly what you’ll find at Nørdic – a well considered and well connected community where every day is a journey, whether roaming close to home and further afield.

Starting off in the lobby, residents will find a digital display showing current transit commute times for the myriad transit options right outside the front door. TTC or GO Transit, take your pick – you can be at Union Station or Downsview Park in under 30 minutes. Nothing is out of reach.

The 401 is just a few minutes away, but if you’re keen to reduce your carbon footprint, plug into one of the electric car charging stations or grab some wheels from the on-site bike share and cycle over to Clanton Park, Balmoral Park, or Downsview Park, offering kilometres of trails that wind past lakes, ponds, orchards, even an urban farm!

Of course you can opt to take a walk instead and discover the friendly neighbourhood of Wilson Heights outside your front door, a vibrant community full of local businesses, independent boutiques, and delicious cafés. Bump into neighbours. Meet the locals. Make new friends. Find your favourite spot for pastrami on rye (Pancer’s Deli). Or homemade pasta (Paese Ristorante). Or apple spice scones (Collette Grand Café).

Head across the street to Yorkdale Shopping Centre and find inspiration and amazing style in more than 2-million square feet of best-in-class retail. Burberry. Cartier. Apple. Nordstrom. Tesla. Canada Goose. Sporting Life. Holt Renfrew. Bottega Veneta. Chanel. The store directory reads like a who’s who of international brands. And community staples like Costco, Home Depot, Best Buy, and the LCBO are also just a few blocks away.

Shopping. Entertainment. Dining. Recreation. Nature. Accessibility. Community. At Nørdic you’re free to pursue them all. Connect to good living. Enjoy the freedom to roam.

Register today for Nørdic and discover a Scandinavian-inspired lifestyle in the heart of Wilson Heights.