Nørdic reaches an exciting milestone
December 2, 2022

On November 4th, Collecdev celebrated the roof topping of Nørdic Condos.

If you don’t work in the construction industry, chances are you may never have heard of ‘topping off.’ A ‘topping off’ ceremony is a long-standing industry tradition, commemorating the completion of a building’s structure. The ‘topping off’ of the East Building at Nørdic marks an important moment in the development of the Scandinavian-inspired community and puts residents one step closer to their spectacular new home.

To commemorate the occasion, Collecdev gathered with over 100 trade partners, to celebrate this milestone. In appreciation, our trade partners enjoyed a hot Italian lunch and received Collecdev branded swag.

“Typically a topping off is held at the completion of the building structure” said Sam Pidlubny, the Project Manager for Nørdic. “At that point, many of the trades have completed their work and are no longer on site, so we decided to celebrate with the topping off of the first building, at a time where all construction trades are present and working hard to bring this exciting project to life.”

Let’s take a look at the progress to date:


  • Construction of the Geothermal Mechanical room is now complete. This geothermal system will reduce carbon emissions by 70%, consume 40% less energy than a traditional HVAC system, save over 5 million litres of water per year and offer predictable maintenance fees for residents.

Concrete Formwork:

  • Building A East formwork is complete.
  • Building A West formwork is complete to the 9th floor.

Mechanical & Electrical

  • Mechanical, electrical and HVAC system installation is now above grade for both Building A and Building B.


  • Exterior envelope stud-panels and windows are complete in Building B and underway for Building A.

What comes next?

The building enclosure for the East Building is scheduled for completion in Spring 2023, pushing Nørdic toward its finished vision of a crisp white geometric façade, featuring spacious balconies and terraces that provide an organic connection to the outdoors. Our construction team is committed to building value and promoting excellence, and will be there every step of the way, ensuring the highest quality and service. These best-in-class tradespeople and workers are instrumental in building balanced and complete communities, that reflect the way people truly want to live.

Stay tuned for more construction updates!

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