Nørdic’s Homeowner Manual Makes It Easy to Move Into Your New Home
March 6, 2024

At Collecdev Markee, our purchasers are our top priority. We’ve made it our mission to nurture strong customer relationships that support our vibrant, thriving, sustainable communities and improve the everyday experience of life.

As part of our ongoing commitment to provide the resources and information that help our homeowners enjoy a seamless experience, from purchase to move-in day, we’ve put together a Customer Care Homeowner Manual. You can think of it as an A to Z overview of your new Collecdev Markee home. As we get ready to welcome residents to Nørdic, we thought it might be a good time to provide a peek at what you’ll find in this handy resource.

What is the Homeowner Manual?

You know when you arrive at a hotel and you find a binder in your room with all the details about the hotel’s services and contacts? Our Homeowner Manual is kind of like that, but with a super late check-out.

Inside you’ll find a guide to warranties and contact info, energy-saving tips and in-suite maintenance, condominium guidelines, emergency situations, deliveries and parcel service, even how to sort your garbage. It’s a clear, comprehensive, and user-friendly resource to almost everything you’ll ever need to know about your new home, providing the guidelines and essential information that will allow you to effectively manage and enjoy your home within the Nørdic community.

Why is the Homeowner Manual important?

Like any big purchase, it’s important to understand the ins and outs of your new home so that you can fully optimize your experience and enjoy all the amazing things that await you at Nørdic. If you’re someone who always reads the instructions manual, well then, you’re already primed for what’s ahead. And if you’re someone who dives head first into an Ikea BILLY bookcase without even counting your screws, then this is doubly important – the Homeowner Manual will quickly become your go-to point of reference whenever questions come up. “What questions?,” you ask. Questions like:

  • How do I turn on my A/C?
    The Homeowner Manual includes operational guidelines for all the major systems in your new home, including heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), plumbing, electrical, and security systems. Understanding how these systems work, and how to operate them efficiently, will help you maintain your property (and property value) over the long-term.
  • Who’s responsible for cleaning the lobby/changing a lightbulb/shovelling snow?
    Condominium living involves shared spaces and common elements. If it’s your first time in a condo environment, you may not know who takes care of them all. The Homeowner Manual outlines the maintenance responsibilities of both the individual homeowners and the condominium association, helping you understand what aspects of your home you’re responsible for maintaining, and what’s taken care of for you. FYI – you can take snow shovelling off your to-do list.
  • Where does my egg carton go?
    Like all condominium communities, Nørdic has specific rules and regulations governing behaviour, pet ownership, noise levels, parking, use of common areas, and yes, waste separation. These rules are outlined in the Homeowner Manual to ensure all residents are aware of their obligations and rights within the community.
  • What’s covered under warranty?
    Your new home is protected by the Tarion Warranty for up to 7 years. The Homeowner Manual outlines what’s covered under the warranty, and how to address any issues that may arise, for everything from appliances, to fixtures, to building materials within your unit.

Moving into a new home can be overwhelming. There are so many things to consider - key collection, utility setup, elevator booking, condo rules, and more. We created our Customer Care Homeowner Manual to serve as an informative guide, helping to make the transition into your new home a seamless one, so that you can feel settled, comfortable, and relaxed as soon as possible, and get to know your amazing new community at Nørdic.

You can find the manual on our Homeowner Portal. To gain access, kindly consult the Customer Care Homeowner Manual email to obtain the password.

For questions regarding upcoming milestones at Nørdic, please contact a member of the Collecdev Markee customer care team (416.640.6000 x1, customercare@collecdevmarkee.com). For move-in related questions or booking of the elevator please contact Nørdic’s property manager Shanta Sapkota (416.546.2126 x174, shanta.sapkota@melbournepm.ca). 

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