Our commitment to affordable housing
November 3, 2017

If you’ve checked out our website you’ve probably noticed a common theme: community. Collecdev is dedicated to building better communities. How do we do it? Through considered architecture, uncompromising quality, sustainable building initiatives, the inclusion of public art and amazing amenities, and (a topic that seems top of mind for a lot of people recently) affordable housing. It’s our goal to create living, breathing, engaging neighbourhoods that improve quality of life, not just for a remote 1%, but for a cross-section of city residents from all walks of life.

It’s a tall order, but Toronto’s future as a global beacon of innovation, inclusiveness, and quality of life hinges on building communities that are accessible to everyone, because that’s where the magic happens. Creativity and growth don’t happen in a bubble. They’re the result of constant interaction between people with different backgrounds, different experiences, different perspectives, different ideas – just ask Jane Jacobs or our current PM, Justin Trudeau, who once famously tweeted, “Diversity is our strength.” We agree. Toronto, with all its amazing diversity, is an extraordinary city and we’re committed to helping ensure it stays that way through the introduction of affordable housing options that afford people the opportunity to live a great life, anywhere they choose.

Purpose-Built Rental That Includes Good Design
One of our fundamental beliefs is that good design (like good art) shouldn’t be limited only to those who can afford it. Design isn’t a question of budget, it’s a question of taking the time to create something that maximizes both form and function.

The Tippett Regeneration Area comprises a total of four buildings and approximately 900 units will contribute 200 new affordable units (100 rental and 100 ownership units), a proposed community space, and a new daycare facility, all of which will be structured around a municipal road dedication, and oriented around a new central park. All of the initiatives will be further enhanced by a network of pedestrian and cycling oriented routes, focused on connecting the central park and the subway entrance to the Wilson Subway Station, putting residents just minutes from Highway 401, Yorkdale Mall, shops, cafes, and more. 

Phase 1, located at the northerly portion of the site is municipally known as 36 and 36R Tippett, consists of a two-building development. A 14-storey 291-unit condominium building, including 50 affordable ownership units and a daycare centre, was marketed by the name “The Rocket”. In addition, an 8-storey 171-unit purpose-built rental building, including 50 affordable rental units will be ready for occupancy in 2019. The rental building is designed with a striking black façade, cantilevered balconies and vivid green landscaping. It will stand out as a beacon for its vibrant neighbourhood.

Phase 2, on the south end of the site is municipally known as 30 Tippett and is comprised of two buildings at 13 and 14-storey, and they are currently active rezoning applications with the City of Toronto. The 13-storey building is proposed with 356 residential ownership units, including 50 affordable ownership units and a 5,000 square feet community space as part of the ground floor amenity program. The 14-storey building houses 165 purpose-built rentals, including 50 affordable rental units.

Tippett will be designed with a rich network of publicly accessible open spaces. True to its contemporary context, the buildings invite people to permeate through the site and enhance safety, connectivity and community interaction. Ever mindful of its relationship to the surrounding neighbourhood and to the new central park, a thoughtful approach has been taken in the placement and massing strategy of the buildings, ensuring greenspaces remain accessible and shadow impacts are mitigated.

Making Midtown More Accessible
We applied the same principles of community engagement a little further south and east at Balliol Park. When we began devising plans for the modernist 2-tower site in the heart of vibrant Davisville Village, we reached out to the local Councillor and, using the City’s Strategic Initiatives and Policy Analysis, decided to designate over 50% of the Davisville tower as mid-range affordable units. The units are interspersed throughout the building and include a variety of unit types, creating a balanced and well-rounded environment that transitions seamlessly from suite to suite, floor to floor.

The buildings at Balliol Park were conceived in a contemporary architectural idiom, which reinforces the existing neighbourhood typology, by designing a balanced relationship between the buildings and landscape. Balliol Park is a certified Toronto Green Standards (TGS) Tier-2 Development, reducing its carbon footprint on the environment. Characterized by an innovative landscaped areas and mid-block connections, publicly accessible art, and an elegant design which fits within the tower in the park typology of Davisville Village, the two towers blend classic midtown living with 21st century amenities.

Since occupancy first began in Summer 2016 the site has flourished, providing residents with an exceptional lifestyle enriched by Collecdev’s hallmark offerings: green space, public art, easy access to transit, and exciting amenities for every taste.

With these developments, and other exciting projects in the works, we’re helping to address the city’s need for more affordable ownership and rental units, while revitalizing underutilized sites, and demonstrating that community and affordability aren’t mutually exclusive. Diversity, not exclusivity, is our true strength.