The Future of Electric Ridesharing is Coming to TRETTI
February 24, 2023

As a future-forward, Scandinavian-inspired, complete community, it should come as no surprise that TRETTI has a sharp eye for anticipating what’s to come – and that intuitive foresight is being driven home once again with the announcement of the partnership between TRETTI and Kite Mobility. The future of electric ridesharing is coming to Wilson Heights.

TRETTI x Kite will bring the flexibility, sustainability and convenience of electric ridesharing to TRETTI residents with three community Teslas, along with three designated parking spaces equipped with EV charging stations. In addition, Kite will provide a combination of 16 eBikes and eScooters, housed in a dedicated bike room. This mobility fleet is proof positive of our commitment to the Collecdev pillars.

Aligned with the Collecdev Vision

While each of our pillars represents a different aspect of our approach to community building, the three share many similar themes.

Social Sustainability focuses on building communities that anticipate the future while balancing today’s needs through the integration of diverse programmatic elements.

Experiential Design drives us to understand the wants and needs of our homeowners, ensuring our projects are human-centred and future-proofed.

And Environmental Stewardship demands a forward-thinking approach to urbanization, one that aims to reduce the carbon footprint of our communities.

TRETTI x Kite fulfills all of these goals, providing residents with convenient on-site access to easy, affordable, sustainable transportation – an innovative multi-vehicle amenity that will change the way we get around.

Intuitive, Innovative and Eco-Friendly

Contactless and digital, Kite puts the power of electric ridesharing in the palm of your hand. Through the Kite Mobility app, TRETTI residents will be able to book reservations and confirm trip details, then simply scan the QR code found on the car for contactless key retrieval when it’s time to start your ride.

The fleet will be accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Book a ride for a quick trip across the city, or head out of town, worry free – insured, cleaned and charged, and with unlimited mileage and electric vehicle infrastructure that’s contributing to a sustainable eco-system, TRETTI residents will enjoy stress-free travel and complete peace of mind.

This partnership with Kite underscores a modern approach to urban development, an approach that sits at the core of Collecdev, building future-proofed communities that empower residents and deliver a better way to live. With TRETTI x Kite, we’re speeding towards the future, one fully-charged Tesla at a time.

For questions about TRETTI’s innovative amenity programming, or upcoming milestones like occupancy and closing information, contact a member of our customer care team (416.640.6000 x1 or or for move-in related questions or booking of the elevator please contact TRETTI’s property manager Shanta Sapkota (437.880.4512,