TRETTI community park, designed by the people
February 2, 2021

A park designed by the people - what would that look like?

At TRETTI, we’re about to find out.
Continuing the Collecdev mission of collaboration and human-centred design, we’ve gone straight to the source for plans for the new community park, a joint venture between TRETTI, the City of Toronto, and the surrounding mixed-use developments.

In November, the City of Toronto’s Parks, Forestry and Recreation division hosted a virtual public meeting, engaging local residents to have their say. We followed up with an online survey, once again inviting the public to weigh in on playground and programming elements, gathering feedback that will help ensure a design that meets the needs of the community and its residents, and inspires a healthier, more active lifestyle.

Participants reviewed early concepts for Tippett Park, a sprawling green space that stretches 2,580 square metres – that’s the size of four tennis courts or nearly six NBA-size basketball courts! – south of Wilson Avenue, just west of Tippett Road. While the details are still in development, early plans include four main zones, all designed for four seasons of outdoor fun.

Zone 1: The Water Plaza

The water plaza (or vandplads, as the Danish might say), marks the arrival to the park. On warmer days, children will be tempted to run through the spray fountains, while adults may prefer to enjoy the view from the shaded comfort of an umbrella at one of the nearby tables. The plaza is the hub of the park, where numerous pedestrian pathways converge, connecting TRETTI and the surrounding buildings to the subway, the local community, and the vibrant neighbourhood of Wilson Heights.

Zone 2: Children’s Play Area

The spray fountains aren’t all that’s in store for kids. A children’s play area will encourage activity and spark imaginations with a variety of exciting playground elements. A giant rope tower, geometric rock climbing, a dream catcher net climber, and, of course, classic swings, are all under consideration, each element selected not only to inspire little minds, but to adhere to the highest standards of quality and safety.

Zone 3: Fitness Area

When a simple stroll isn’t enough to break a sweat, the outdoor fitness area will offer a great place to tone up. A mix of benches and bars provide myriad options for routines to suit any level, all on equipment that combines form and function, blending seamlessly into the park setting. Not only is an outdoor workout easy on the wallet and great for your health, but the fitness area will provide a convenient place for the whole community to get in shape.

Zone 4: The Lawns

Of course, no park would be complete without a wide-open space under the sun. The lawns are perfect for picnics and play, for impromptu pickup games, for snow angels and afternoon summer naps, for gathering with friends and enjoying an active outdoor lifestyle.

So, what does a park designed by the people look like? Well, final plans for Tippett Park will be announced this Spring, but one thing is certain – the park will introduce an exciting new outdoor space to TRETTI and the surrounding neighbourhood, a community element to encourage connection to people and to nature, and to promote a healthy, active lifestyle in the great outdoors. The people have spoken.