Why thoughtful amenity programming is more important than ever
June 24, 2020

Creating amenity programs within our communities that not only provide inspiration and encourage connection, but truly reflect the needs and desires of our residents, is a guiding principle at Collecdev. It’s a forward-thinking approach that eschews the status quo in favour of questions like how do people really want to spend their time? What amenities can help improve quality of life? How is the market evolving and what can we do to provide environments that will remain relevant for years to come? The recent global pandemic has validated that we’re on the right course.

Six months ago the hashtag #WFH (Work From Home) was barely a blip on the radar and most people weren’t thinking about whether their kitchen table could double as an impromptu office space. Today #WFH has over 1.8 million posts on Instagram and counting, and, after months of isolating in our homes, we’ve all become aware of the impact our surroundings can have on our mood, our wellbeing, and our ability to work.

At Collecdev we’ve always known that good design and carefully considered amenities can create a sense of belonging and improve quality of life. Thoughtful, forward-thinking amenity programming is at the core of every community we build, and it evolves in response to changes in the way people live.

For instance, several years ago when we saw that freelancing, remote working, and flex hours were becoming more and more commonplace, we began to include flexible coworking spaces in communities like Nørdic and TRETTI, spaces equipped with meeting rooms, private alcoves, community tables, and lightning fast wifi (for worry-free Zoom calls all day long). We introduced pet-friendly amenities like outdoor pet relief areas and indoor pet washing stations to accommodate the growing number of four-legged community members. And we incorporated outdoor courtyards, terraces, rooftops, and landscaped parks, letting residents stop and smell the roses (or the paper birches and pines) whenever they see fit.

Of course, we didn’t foresee a global pandemic, but the same principles that we use to guide our community design – engaging amenities, abundant natural light, convenient access to the outdoors – also enhance the everyday living experience whether or not we’re sheltering in place.

No doubt the last few months will lead to a new future “normal”, but if we’ve learned anything from COVID-19 it’s that, as we spend less physical time at the office, and more time closer to home, the quality of our immediate surroundings and of our shared spaces play a direct role in keeping us happy, healthy, and connected. As we move forward, we will continue to deliver communities that anticipate, adapt, and evolve to enhance the way we live.

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