Collecdev walks the walk with Virtual Wellness
March 10, 2021

Collecdev believes in healthier living, by design – spaces to walk, places to connect, homes to inspire, trails to explore, parks to play, ways to engage outdoors. It’s not just marketing, it’s a philosophy we live by, especially over the last 12 months. Never has it been more important to take some time for wellness and self-care, so on Thursday, March 4th we participated in GoodLife Fitness’ Virtual Wellness Day.

From living rooms and home offices across the GTA, the Collecdev team connected via Zoom with hundreds of participants in a series of virtual fitness classes and online workshops addressing physical and mental health. There was a session on the ABCs of Nutritional Supplements, helping to demystify the vitamin aisle and discuss the basics required for optimal health. There was The Power of Sleep, a workshop on good sleep habits and how to get a better night’s rest. There was Immune Up, a look at the best ways to stock your kitchen and plan your meals to boost your body’s natural defenses. Plus, we had a chance to break a sweat with a selection of GoodLife’s signature high- and low-intensity fitness classes including BODYFLOW, Dance Cardio, and the fierce strength/cardio combination of HIIT.

It was amazing! The last 12 months have been challenging. It’s been harder than ever to find ways to stay active and engaged while following public health protocols, but we’ve always believed in the ability to innovate and adapt, and we continue to do that during COVID. We may not be able to work out in the gym or meet up for a group exercise class, but Virtual Wellness Day showed us that there are still ways to make wellbeing more accessible to everyone, even long after the pandemic ends.

Whether it’s a collective seated desk yoga session or stretch break, or the thoughtful details we integrate into every Collecdev community that help keep residents active and inspired, we continue to believe in the importance of health and wellbeing for happier, better living, and we remain committed to delivering that lifestyle to more and more Canadians.

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