Everything is coming up roses at Westwood Gardens
March 3, 2022

For artists, inspiration is everywhere. Shakespeare proved that in the late 16th century when he wrote these famous words for star-crossed lover Juliet, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Four centuries later, the young artists of the Claude Watson Secondary Arts Program - Earl Haig campus (CWSAP-EH) are also feeling inspired, by the very same flower.

Another Collaborative Art Initiative from Collecdev

In Collecdev’s second art initiative with the Visual Arts Department at Earl Haig (Claude Watson Program) (you can read all about our first initiative for our Nørdic Condos site here), CWSAP-EH students have been invited to create a design collaboration, inspired by blooming roses and romantic floral motifs, that will grace the lobby at Westwood Gardens.

“Our collaboration with Collecdev is a wonderful opportunity for our senior students to gain experience in commercial art making and commissioned projects. The chance to be part of an installation that extends beyond the academic realm and into the real world, brings the curriculum to life in a way that leaves a lasting impression on our students.” Nazy Sakhavarz, Head of Visual Arts, CWSAP-Earl Haig

“Our first initiative with CWSAP-EH for Nørdic Condos was such a success that we were inspired to do it again. This partnership exemplifies one of our core beliefs – that art has the power to engage the public and enhance the built environment.” Natascha Pieper, VP of Sales and Marketing, Collecdev

Submissions will be posted to the Collecdev Instagram and Facebook channels in early March where you’ll be able to vote for your favourite submissions, helping us shortlist the semi-finalists. For each winning piece, the artist will receive a $200 gift card and their artwork will be permanently displayed in the East Tower lobby at Westwood Gardens, along with credit, given to this talented class of young artists--as well-deserved recognition of their impressive work. Together, the pieces of the exhibit will create a gallery of roses and a dreamy entrance for residents each time they arrive home. It’s a fitting theme for a building whose moniker was inspired by the ubiquitous perennial.

How Richmond Hill Became Known as ‘The Rose Capital of Canada’

In the early part of the 20th century, an influx of horticultural entrepreneurs, led by William Lawrence, moved north of the city, settling in Richmond Hill and bringing with them the beginnings of an industry that would soon flourish in every sense of the word.

In 1914, “Richmond Roses” took top prize at floral shows across the continent, garnering international acclaim for the specialized industry that was “blooming” in the village, and by the 1930s, Richmond Hill was officially known as the Rose Capital of Canada.’

A Tapestry of Beauty at Westwood Gardens

Inspired by the celebrated floral history of Richmond Hill, Westwood Gardens presents a community where exquisite landscape design is integral to the overall residential experience. From the Dreamer’s Court, a bold street-level patterned courtyard radiating out from a central island full of greenery, to the eighth-floor rooftop terrace where a dramatic central corridor leads to a fireside lounge under glowing chandeliers and a flowering pergola, outdoor spaces have been carefully programmed to create the feeling of an intimate urban backyard.

Now, the CWSAP-EH students are being invited to continue the story of beautiful landscapes at Westwood Gardens with their rose-inspired art. “Like the Rose, I Flourish,” “En la Rose Je Fleuris,” states the Richmond Hill motto, and that’s exactly our aim – to see Westwood Gardens residents and future generations of young artists, flourish, just like the Richmond Hill rose.

Westwood Gardens is currently sold out and under construction. To learn more about other inspiring Collecdev communities, register here. And to vote on the student-created pieces from CWSAP-EH, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Source of Historical References: Toronto.com