Nerva wins Green Building Visionary Award
June 20, 2023

As a development company dedicated to building better communities, Collecdev sits at the forefront of sustainable building practices, collaborating with industry leaders to advance innovative technologies and inspired ideas. Nerva Energy is one such leader that shares our vision to create high-performance communities that promote a healthier planet. We recently partnered with them on a landmark pilot project, rolling out their innovative AeroBarrier construction technology in a multi-unit residential building at Tippett Park Two. (You can read more about the pilot, a first in Canada here.) We are proud to announce that the project was an overwhelming success and earned Nerva the Green Building Visionary Award from the Canada Green Building Council (CAGBC).

This prestigious award recognizes organizations that take an innovative approach to advancing green building technology, products, policy, design, or operations. Thanks to the pilot project in collaboration with Collecev, a study that demonstrated significant energy and greenhouse gas emission reductions, with little to no impact on the construction schedule, Nerva’s AeroBarrier captured the attention of the Council and of the industry.

"Congratulations to our partners at Nerva Energy. We are immensely proud to have collaborated with them on this exciting project and we're humbled by the recognition from the CAGBC. With this award, it is clear that Tippett Park Two and AeroBarrier are setting new industry standards in environmentally-conscious, sustainable urban development, standards that will help create better possibilities for homeowners, the community and the planet.”

- Fernando Valenzuela, Collecdev Vice-President of Development

AeroBarrier is an innovative envelope-sealing technology that can reduce a building’s heating and cooling energy needs, improve indoor air quality, and ultimately reduce greenhouse gas emissions. At Tippett Park Two, the state-of-the-art air sealing system was used to seal gaps ranging from as big as ½” in diameter, to as small as a hair follicle, resulting in benefits like:

  • A 98% reduction in air leakage
  • Lower utility bills (up to 30%)
  • Better indoor air quality
  • Reduced transfer of odours
  • Better performance for HVAC systems
  • Improved soundproofing
  • Protection against insects and pests

The technology is GreenGuard Gold certified (a certification that ensures products are built to contribute to safer, healthier air), has zero VOC content, and contains no ‘Red List’ components, making it safe to use in any building, including those aiming for LEED, WELL, or Fitwel certification.

Advanced building technologies like AeroBarrier will continue to drive the development of high-performance communities, and we at Collecdev are proud to be partnering with the industry’s brightest green building visionaries to lead the charge.

For more information on Tippett Park Two, a community in partnership with Shiplake, visit our Communities page. And for more information on NERVA, the exclusive representative for AeroBarrier in Canada, visit