Stop and smell the roses: Student art now on display at Westwood Gardens
May 20, 2022

“Stop and smell the roses.” It’s an expression that aligns perfectly with our philosophy at Collecdev – live in the moment, savour the experience of the everyday, surround yourself with beauty. And now, it’s an expression that extends to real life thanks to our latest collaboration with the young artists of the Claude Watson Secondary Arts Program - Earl Haig (CWSAP-EH) and their rose-inspired artwork at Westwood Gardens.

The Westwood Gardens Lobby is In Full Bloom

If you read our blog post a few months back, you know that, for our second art initiative with the Visual Arts Department at CWSAP-EH, students were invited to produce works inspired by blooming roses and romantic floral motifs, pieces that are now gracing the lobby at Westwood Gardens.

“Our first initiative with CWSAP-EH for Nørdic Condos was such a success that we were inspired to do it again. This partnership exemplifies one of our core beliefs – that art has the power to engage the public and enhance the built environment.” - Natascha Pieper, VP of Sales and Marketing, Collecdev

Once again, in the spirit of collaboration, our Instagram audience helped shortlist their favourite submissions. Those works are now on permanent display in the East Tower lobby at Westwood Gardens, creating a spectacular entrance for residents each time they arrive home.

Check out their inspiring works below, now on display at Westwood Gardens.

A Tapestry of Beauty at Westwood Gardens

Inspired by the celebrated floral history of Richmond Hill, Westwood Gardens presents a community where exquisite landscape design is integral to the overall residential experience. From the Dreamer’s Court, a bold street-level patterned courtyard radiating out from a central island full of greenery, to the eighth-floor rooftop terrace where a dramatic central corridor leads to a fireside lounge under glowing chandeliers and a flowering pergola, outdoor spaces have been carefully programmed to create the feeling of an intimate urban backyard.
“Like the Rose, I Flourish,” “En la Rose Je Fleuris,” states the Richmond Hill motto, and that’s exactly our aim – to see Westwood Gardens residents and future generations of young artists, flourish, just like the Richmond Hill rose.

Westwood Gardens is currently sold out and under construction. To learn more about other inspiring Collecdev communities, register here.